Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How IDEO Brings Corporate Design To America

I recently found this article from Fortune which features David Kelley, founder of IDEO, and his thoughts on the evolution of his firm and how the business world is increasingly impacted by design thinking. One of the more powerful quotes comes when he says…
“Our real impact on the business world is that the design-thinking process helps companies innovate. We help to instill in our clients the belief that they can routinely innovate.” 
It’s a great quote and leaves me only wanting to add that innovation is anything but routine.
At the end of the article, David shares three pieces of advice relevant to an architectural firm.
Do stuff rather than plan: So he reinforces a bias for experimentation, action and learning and, I would add within an organizational framework, that does include planning.
Play and look at things with a child’s mind. So do things in your teams that change your habits and your work environment and inspire your work.
Find your fit in life: So I assume you have found your fit but have not yet realized your best work. Reinvention may be the next fit.

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