Monday, June 17, 2013

Funky Leadership Advice

Stories of leadership are found in all shapes and sizes, both very serious stories and some not so. One excerpt from a new book The Art of Doing:How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well was recently shared on the Fast Company blog titled The Mothership Connection: Funktastic Career Tips From Funk Legend George Clinton.
The basic take-away is that great things can happen when fun, passion, excellence, focus, experimentation, persistence and timing collide. It’s certainly true for music, art and design.
The story offers up nine pieces of advice and lessons learned from George Clinton, a short manifesto for doing cool things well. Check them all out and a few that I’ve highlighted below are great reminders.
1. Someone has to be the ringleader: “Someone’s got to be in control and if you know what you want, it might as well be you.”  I guess I’d substitute responsible for in control.
2. Grab What You Like and Bring Your Own Thing: Was funk a Blue Ocean strategy?
6. Listen to Feedback: “You hear us. We hear you back.”
7. Stick Together:  “… if anybody gets in trouble, we’re all going to stick with that person no matter what.”
9. Keep Chasing the Dream: ” I’m not trying to catch up with being happy–because it’s the pursuit of happiness i’m after. I want to be so close behind it I can almost touch it. That’s what keeps me looking forward and moving ahead.”
As George says if you’ve ever been in the Funk, you’re in it forever.  Oh, we like the funk, we like the funk!

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